Moving the office is better to trust only professionals, because when planning this event, you need to take into account a lot of nuances - from the organization of the work of employees to the order in the documents. And only a professional moving company will be able to help you.

We provide for you a full range of services

We approach each service individually. Together with you, we will decide what types of work will be required (packaging of property, transportation, assembly / disassembly of furniture) and develop the optimal travel schedule for your company. If necessary, we carry out the relocation of a turnkey office in St. Petersburg both at night and on weekends at no extra charge. We can arrange for you an urgent office move to St. Petersburg or schedule it on a certain date, taking into account your requirements for the schedule of work.

  • Packing of things and equipment

Not only will we choose the right materials for machinery, furniture, documents, etc., but we will also pack all the items so that during transport no item is damaged.

  • Loading and unloading

Our specialists will load and unload your property quickly, but neatly. Even the most fragile items can easily withstand the move!

  • Transportation of property

Suitable for carrying capacity car - the secret of fast and inexpensive transportation of things. Your property will arrive safely, because it will be reliably placed in the back of the truck and it will be carried by a neat driver.

  • Rigging and transportation of safes

No matter how heavy and large your safe is, we can load it, transport it and install it in a new place. We also work with ATMs, industrial equipment, etc.

  • Rearrangement of furniture

Moving the furniture will not interfere with the work of your company - please contact us, and we will quickly transfer the items to the rooms indicated by you

  • Arrangement of a new office

According to your order, we will collect and arrange furniture, connect equipment, put everything in order and even remove the garbage in the room. Arrangement of the office can be planned on a weekend or done at night!

  • Assembling / disassembling furniture

Our specialists quickly and accurately disassemble and collect any furniture, including built-in and original design.

  • Office cleaning

Our partners will quickly and accurately clean your office, remove dust, dirt, garbage after repair and relocation. You can order cleaning in our company either in conjunction with the organization of the move, or as an independent service. All the necessary equipment and detergents we bring with us!

And if you have not yet found the office of your dreams - then we can also help in this! Please contact "Comfort Moving" and we will help you find a room for an office or a warehouse promptly and efficiently!

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