The cost of each move is calculated individually and depends on several factors - the scale and complexity of moving, distance, the presence of an elevator, as well as the need to provide additional services. The main components of the price for moving an apartment  is the cost of the work of movers, provided vehicles, as well as the necessary packaging material. And our task is to pick up all the options for you in the best way, so that it is not only comfortable, but also price effective.

How we do it:

  1. We calculate the cost of the loaders on the basis of:

from 345 rubles per hour for 1 specialist, minimum order is 4 hours

  1. Calculate the cost of renting a car

from 680 rubles per hour for 10 m3, the minimum order is 4 hours

We will pick up the car for you individually, proceeding from the volume of the transported property. The cost of renting a car will depend on its size, duration of work, as well as the location of relocation addresses at a distance from St. Petersburg

  1. We calculate the cost of packaging material
  • Boxes of 3-ply cardboard - from 55 rubles.
  • Scotch p / e - from 65 rubles.
  • Scotch paper - from 85 rubles.
  • Film - stretch - from 350 rubles. per roll
  • Air bubble film - from 35 rubles per meter

We understand that everything in your apartment or office is a valuable cargo, therefore we use only professional high-quality packaging to ensure the safety of your property.

To calculate the final cost of your move, we recommend that you invite our manager to evaluate the full range of work. The service is provided completely free of charge.

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