Moving to a new apartment is an exciting event, and, of course, it is important that it passes comfortably and quickly. If you do not know where to start, and how to deal with it yourself, contact us.

We will be glad to help you - we will pack up things, we will dismantle furniture, carefully transfer and arrange everything in the places. You will only have to prepare for a housewarming party!

  • Packing of personal belongings

To save time in preparing for the move, we will help you pack: clothes, dishes and interior items in boxes, using paper and bubble wrap for added protection. For the transportation of suits, coats and dresses wardrobes are used, in which the clothes are transported on the shoulders and do not crumple.

  • Analysis of furniture

Cabinets, sofas and other furniture that do not pass into the doorways and elevators, and can be damaged when moving, our staff will disassemble, pack, and then collect in a new apartment and put in places.

  • Transportation of furniture and things

When arranging apartment moves we use only equipped and clean furniture vans. The inside of the machine is lined with a soft cloth, and all things are securely fixed using special straps. All property is placed inside the car in accordance with the standards to ensure maximum safety of transportation.

  • Arrangement in a new apartment

In the new apartment we will collect the furniture, place it in the places indicated by you, unpack the things and collect the used packing material. If necessary, we will help to hang shelves, cornices, blinds, paintings and chandeliers

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