• Search for premises

If you have not yet found the office of your dreams - then we can also help in this! Please contact "Comfort Moving" and we will help you find a room for an office or a warehouse promptly and efficiently!

  • Rigging, transportation of musical instruments and large-sized cargoes

Here you can order the transportation of safes and heavy objects weighing more than 100 kg of any kind, regardless of their size, weight and features of the room. We carry out preliminary planning of work and in advance we discuss with the client all its details.

  • Sale of packaging

Perhaps you decide to pack your things by yourself and then you can not do it without professional packaging material. Here you can buy boxes, stretch film, air-bubble wrap, boxes for clothes and much more, so that your property will be completely safe after it moved

  • Hanging pictures, mirrors, kitchens

Our professional staff can help you in hanging pictures, mirrors, kitchens, so that you feel comfortable and cozy in a new place

  • Purchase of office furniture

We can help you with the purchase of new office furniture, as well as possible the surrender of your old furniture in offset for new furniture on the system of trade-in

  • Recycling of garbage

We will help you with the removal of bulky waste and construction debris

  • Cleaning

We will help you to create gloss and cleanliness in a new place, so that you do not have to spend time and energy on tedious cleaning after moving

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